December 12, 2016

The West Virginia State Bar

Young Lawyers’ Executive Committee Meeting


Telephonic Meeting

December 12, 2016


The following members were present: Shannon Smith, Lori Counts-Smith, Matt Lockhart, Matthew Chapman, Steve Broadwater, Eric Hayhurst, Jasmine Morton, Nicole Cofer, Zak Ritchie, Jamie Chapman, Matt Harvey, and Linnsey Amores.


  1. Call to Order. Smith called the meeting to order.


  1. Ascertainment of Quorum. A quorum was established.


  1. Nomination of District 2 Representative. After discussion of the submissions for District 2 Representative, Mr. Lockhart nominated Justin Raber to represent District 2 in the Executive Committee, and moved that he be elected.  Hayhurst seconded the motion.


ACTION TAKEN: Justin Raber unanimously approved to serve as the District 2 representative.


  1. Christmas Project.  Morton shared information regarding the two families selected to receive Christmas donations and advised call participants how to get gifts or monetary donations to her by December 23, 2016.


  1. 2017-2018 Budget for Young Lawyers’ Executive Board. Discussion regarding the Wills for Heroes Project took place as there is a $4,000.00 line item in the YLS budget dedicated to this program.  At the previous meeting, Mr. Chapman agreed to attempt to implement this program; however, the new sheriff in his district requested an ethics opinion as to whether first responders would be allowed to accept a gift of this value.   Due to the project being hindered, the Board discussed utilizing district funds toward executing Wills for Heroes in the future on a district-by-district basis with the forms we currently have.  Additionally, the Board discussed alternative uses of the $4,000.00 line item, including a scholarship for law students or retaining a speaker for the annual meeting focused toward young lawyers.  After discussion, Ms. Amores made a motion to utilize the $4,000.00 line item to hire a speaker for the annual meeting.  Smith seconded the motion.


ACTION TAKEN: The Committee unanimously approved the motion to shift the Wills for Heroes line item to a speaker for the annual meeting in 2018.


  1. Ms. Cofer moved to adjourn the meeting.


ACTION TAKEN: The Committee unanimously approved the motion to adjourn.