Welcome. Thank you for using this new tool being made available to West Virginia lawyers. In prior years, this information was provided in hard copy at a fee, but in an attempt to assist young lawyers we desired to make it free and more widely usable and available.

However, as with every new undertaking, there may be some glitches, and some material may be outdated. We strive to update material as needed, but of course, the law sometimes evolves faster than the chapter can be revised. Therefore, we have done our best to identify with each chapter the date the section was last updated. Finally, we would direct your attention to the legal disclaimer at the bottom of this page, and our strong warning that this Practice Handbook is being provided as a aid and should not be a substitute for your own thorough legal research.

Table of Contents

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  1. Foreclosure from Creditors Perspective (PDF)
  2. Administrative Law
  3. WV Appellate Procedure (PDF)
  4. Bankruptcy Basics (3rd ed., Admin. Office of U.S. Courts)(PDF)
  5. Board of Education Law – Representing County Board of Education Employees (PDF)
  6. Child Abuse & Neglect (2017 Judicial Benchbook)
  7. Child Support Enforcement (PDF)
  8. Civil Litigation
  9. Coal
  10. Collections
  11. Corporation Law (PDF)
  12. Defending Criminal Cases
  13. Driving Under the Influence (PDF)
  14. Eminent Domain
  15. Environmental Law
  16. Extraordinary Remedies
  17. Federal Criminal Practice and Procedure (PDF)
    1. Form Motion
    2. Form Memo in Support of Motion
    1. Federal Tax Considerations in Choosing Business Entity
    2. Corporations and Securities
  19. Mediation
  20. HIPAA Privacy Rule (PDF)
  21. Legal Ethics (PDF)
  22. Magistrate Court Practice (PDF)
    1. Civil Procedure
    2. Criminal Procedure
  24. Medical Malpractice (PDF)
  25. Mental Hygiene (PDF)
  26. Municipal Law (PDF)
  27. Oil and Gas
  28. Partnership Law and Taxation
  29. Pro Bono Work and Forms (PDF)
    1. WV Public Defender
    2. WV Public Defender Forms
  31. Labor & Employment Law (PDF)
  32. Public Service Commission
  33. Real Estate Transactions
  34. Social Security Disability Claims
  35. WV State Tax Procedure and Administration
    1. Summary Proceedings and Structured Settlements
    2. Summary Proceedings and Structured Settlement Forms
    3. Summary Proceedings and Structured Settlement Forms
  37. Insurance
  38. Wills
  39. Workers’ Comp (PDF)
  40. Insurance Law (PDF)


The West Virginia State Bar Practice Handbook should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. The contents of this publication are intended for general information purposes only. The information contained in the Practice Handbook may be out of date. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the law, we make no claim, promise, warranty, or guarantee concerning the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, or reliability of the contents of the Practice Handbook. Readers should not rely on the information provided in the Practice Handbook as a substitute for thorough research but should always conduct their own legal research in conformity with professional standards of diligence.

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