January 20, 2018

The West Virginia State Bar
Young Lawyer Section Executive Committee Meeting
State Bar Center
Charleston, West Virginia
January 20, 2018


  1. Call to Order – Chairperson Smith called the meeting to order at 9:06 am.
  2. Ascertainment of Quorum – Chairperson Smith
  3. Review/Approval of Minutes from October 7, 2017 Meeting
    Mr. Chapman moved to accept the minutes as amended, Mr. Broadwater seconded the motion.
    ACTION TAKEN: The Executive Committee approved the motion to accept the minutes as amended.
  4. Reports of Officers:
    1. Chairperson Smith – reminder to utilize the YLS letterhead and to get approval from an officer for all mailings being sent of the letterhead. Chairperson attended the WV Law Institute meeting in mid-October, the next meeting is March 2018 to discuss public service projects. Also the Chairperson will be attending the Visiting committee at WVU on February 19, 2018 and ABA mid-year meeting in Vancouver.
      Next meeting we will be electing a new secretary, please think about interest in running.
    2. Vice Chairperson Amores – Vice Chairperson will begin ABA meetings rotation in August.
    3. Secretary Cofer – remember to sign in on the meeting roster, this is the official attendance record for this meeting.
  5. Update on Board of Governors’ Meeting – Chairperson Smith
    1. Enclosed under Tab No. 2 are the Minutes of the Board of Governors Meeting held on October 6, 2017.
    2. Enclosed under Tab No. 3 is the Agenda of the Board of Governors Meeting held on January 19, 2018.
    3. Final review of proposed State Bar By-Laws. Enclosed under Tab No. 4 is the proposed draft.
      Notable changes to the bylaws:

      Article 2 – active vs. inactive practice
      5.04 BOG make-up – districts and numbers of delegates, change from 16 to 20 districts. District 8 will change from 4 members to 2.
      Dean explained that Rory had been involved in the drafting of bylaws and that John Hedges is completing the changes. Dean further indicated that there will be some revamping of them.
      The changes also included the changing “African American” seat to “minority” seat.
      Change from Roberts rule to modern rule of parliamentary procedures.
      Only reference to young lawyers was the representation of the chair to the BOG. Article 17.01 – states the existence of YLS in the bylaws was drafted and added.

  6. Report from Mike Mellace, WV State Bar Technology:
    Shared calendar: Mike is creating a shared calendar for YLS to add our district events and meetings. If you have issues with adding information to the group calendar, contact Mike. If you need an event registration, contact Mike.
    The plan is to have an avenue to share chair articles, minutes, and alert pushes.
  7. Report from Kate White, Access to Services Manager, Legal Aid of WV:
    1. Lawyer in the School Project:
      This is a grant program in Charleston school on the westside. They are interested in working with young lawyers in Charleston and would like to expand this into other schools across the state. They are asking young lawyers to help them to identify other opportunities that they may look into working with. Get in touch with Kate White directly to participate.
    2. Pro Bono Portal and Online Training Classrooms:
      This is a grant program with a website where you can interact with five online trainings: infant guardianship, divorce (no kids), adoption, expungement, drafting simple wills, approved for CLE through the bar. They are asking young lawyers to share with their districts. Please know that taking these CLEs does not obligate you to take a case for Legal Aid.
  8. Report of WVU Law School Representative – Ms. Assif:
    First lunch time lecture series is this Tuesday Lawyers Leading the Way, State Bar President Meshea Poore will speak. There will be several other lunch time lecture series throughout the semester. If you have a topic or want to give a lecture series, contact Ms. Assif.
    The Student Bar Association has always done the 5K called the race for justice, it will be around the first week of April.
    Chairperson Smith reported that Tom Cady officially retired at the end of the fall semester from the WVU College of Law. She also noted that the law school is looking for ways to expand its presence around the state, especially in Charleston. They are closer to finding such a location.
  9. Committee Reports and Old Business:
    1. Young Lawyer Education and Mentoring:
      1. Practice Handbook – Mr. Hayhurst:
        No one has provided any updates since the last meeting. Please stay on top of your authors to get the handbook updated. Nearly every chapter needs updating at this point. Mr. Hayhurst will email out the newest list. Chairperson Smith reminded that Jessica Haught said that she will need some time but will have her advanced research class to help with labor and employment. Professor Oliva will be contacted to have her class work on the veterans and military affairs section.
        Additionally, Mr. Broadwater will be looking to update the collections section.
      2. Bridge the Gap – Vice Chairperson Amores:
        Enclosed under Tab No. 5 is the signed Administrative Order amending Bridge the Gap.
        Enclosed under Tab No. 6 is a Sample Program Agenda.
        Enclosed under Tab No. 7 is the Bridge the Gap Committee List.
        Bridging the Gap will go live April 2019. Committees will be assigned at this meeting and all committees are to meet after the close of this business meeting to start planning for speakers and logistics.
      3. Young Lawyer Mentoring Program – Chairperson Smith:
        Make sure you are contacting your districts.
      4. Admissions Ceremonies – Chairperson Smith:
        Did the welcome and provided breakfast at the October 2017 admission ceremony after the last business meeting. Ms. Gibson, Mr. Hayhurst, Vice Chairperson Amores and Secretary Cofer were in attendance. We will need more volunteers for the future admission ceremonies. We will be handling the one on February 7, 2018. Ms. Bias and Secretary Cofer will be present.
    2. Law Student Education and Mentoring:
      1. Lunchtime Lecture Series – Mr. Hayhurst
        Skyler updated in the law student representative report. January 23, 2018 with President Poore (see above). The next is scheduled for March 5, 2018 by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel on the topic of Social Media.
      2. Bar Prep Social Media and Bar Exam Mentorship – Ms. Chapman
        Posting information about completing bar exam applications on the social media fronts. Ms. Chapman will get an application and break it down for future exam takers. Look for updates coming soon.
      3. Bar Exam Box Lunches – Vice Chairperson Amores
        We will not be providing box lunches for the exam in February 2018. Vice Chairperson Amores does not know the plan for the bar this year because of the construction at the Civic Center. Ms. Bias will take over the lead on this program.
    3. Community Outreach:
      1. World Wise Web – Ms. Mallow – no report
        Ms. Brunicardi-Doss did this presentation to 6th graders at Vandevender Middle School in coordination with social studies with the plan to do it with 6th graders every year.
      2. West Virginia Law Adventure – Secretary Cofer – no report
      3. Mock Trial – Mr. Litten
        Mr. Litten stated the new principal is not on board with this program.
      4. Law Day – Chairperson Smith
        This year’s theme is “Separation of Powers” from the ABA. Everyone should be setting up at least one activity in a school in their districts.
      5. Middle/High School Mentors – Chairperson Smith
        Reach out to middle schools and high schools and let them know that that the young lawyers will come in to discuss the profession or volunteer at their schools.
      6. Special Projects/Public Service Committee – Mr. Litten
        Christmas family: raised more than $1600 for our two families. Purchased food, gifts, and clothes. Thank you notes were sent out to the young lawyers and firms that donated funds to the cause.
        Wood County Family Project – lunch and learn with admission fee.
        Diapers Drive: Mr. Litten will send out a blast to collect diapers in each district to be given to pantries/shelters. Take pictures and forward to Mr. Litten by March 30, 2018. All members bring a pack of diapers to the next meeting.
      7. WVU Women’s Business Center and Entrepreneurship – Mr. Lockhart – No update.
    4. YLS Technology Committee – Ms. Bias:
      1. YLS Website – Ms. Bias
      2. Social Media – Ms. Bias

      Ms. Bias announced that we are up to 110 followers on instragram and reminded to please share pictures from your events.

    5. Budget Committee – Secretary Cofer:
      The YLS Budget Committee Liason was not included in any communications or meetings for the budget committee. However, Chairperson Smith had our budget concerns addressed as reported in previous meetings.
    6. Bylaws Revision – Chairperson Smith – Addressed above.
    7. Annual Meeting – Chairperson Smith:
      Judge King is this year’s sponsored speaker. All is taken care of for this meeting.

      1. Young Lawyer of the Year and Mentor of the Year
      2. Annual Meeting Sponsored Speaker
        Deadline is February 1. Committee will be formed to review the received nominations for selection.
        Need nominations for both, but more for mentor of the year. Chairperson Smith will send out ad to members to share with districts and ask Mike to blast out to young lawyers.


    8. District Events for the Current Year – District Representatives:
      District 8 – did a happy hour and had 60 people in attendance.
      District 3 – Ms. Brunicardi-Doss did a lunch and learn in wood county with Robert Albury. Had 30 lawyers in attendance and donated the leftover food.
      Please note that Ms. Bias will ad your flyers to social media if you send it to her.
    9. Other Old Business:
      1. Wills for Heroes Project – Mr. Chapman – no report
      2. Attendance requirements


  10. New Business:
    The official Young Lawyers’ Section letterhead was furnished to the membership with the agenda.
  11. Regional Officer Reports – no report
  12. Next Executive Committee Meeting – April 8, 2018, at The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Lunch will be served beginning at 11:00 a.m. The meeting will begin at noon. The annual business meeting will be April 9, 2018, at 9:00 am.
    Additional upcoming meetings:

    • July 20-21, 2018: Adventures on the Gorge, Lansing, West Virginia
    • October 12-13, 2018: Stonewall Jackson Resort, Roanoke, West Virginia
    • January 11-12, 2019: Blennerhassett Hotel, Parkersburg, West Virginia
    • April 7-8, 2019: Embassy Suites, Charleston, West Virginia
  13. Adjournment – 1:03